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Our Goals                                                        DONATE NOW
Milestone #1 has been reached through our annual membership, donations and life time memberships. 

Please consider helping the camp out when and where you can.  

If you have not JOINED yet, please do so now.  This is the single most important act right now - gives us a little funding - but more importantly we get back in touch with you. Our numbers count a whole lot when we are in negotiation with the USFS. They see active community groups as being their ideal partners. It benefits us monetarily and politically. 

You can donate without joining, but we would love that you joined first.  We can NOT do this without you.  
Download our Milestones to get a clearer picture of the whole plan.    milestones.pdf

Camp building repair and utility restoration are being funded now. 

Milestone #2 in the amount of $57,000 is our current target level of our funding. 

Annual Membership fees go 100% into this milestone. This is our pre-operational goal, effectively revamping the camp's infrastructure to get plumbing and power back on-line. Once met, additional capital then will be applied towards needed building and improvements of Milestone #3.  

Donations that target these specific purposes are being requested. Grants are also being sought to help meet these goals. If you or your business have mechanisms in place for non-profit considerations, please ponder this plateau's stated needs and perhaps help out.   

Milestone #3 is our General Operations Plateau primarily targeted for program ability. 
Once 25% met, marketing will then shift to forming of more partnerships with youth organizations to provide that the facility can become available to them for summer programs (they run the program). These partnerships can be at a smaller Unit (troop) level ($450/yr). We feel that once #3 has achieved 50% the camp can become viable and active each summer and the Lodge to use during winter. Once 100% achieved, additional capital then will be applied towards future building improvements ... Milestone #4.  

Milestone #4 is our Property Improvement Plateau primarily targeted for 'new building' construction funds. 
Once 25% met, long term plans can begin to outline potential building improvements and new building construction. It is felt that in order to be viably marketed Camp Silverado needs to have more lodging capabilities, for use by staffing and or renting out to third party groups that are not into primitive camping. We feel that any improvements may also enhance winter programs. We feel that once #4 has achieved 50% commitments can start being made and plans can be drawn up for display and decision making. Once 100% achieved, additional capital then will be applied towards Endowment earmarked specifically for future building capital Milestone #5.  

Milestone #5 is our Endowment Plateau targeted for perpetuity. 
Endowment funds can be named for businesses, families or purposes. It is felt that endowments to be used for perpetual purposes ... program events, scholarships. Endowment funds are controlled.  

How much may be spent from an endowment?

Unless the donor specifies a particular percentage or dollar amount that is to be spent periodically from the endowment, the board is responsible for determining the amount that may be spent currently from an endowment. In doing so, the board must act reasonably, and must take into account the duration and preservation of the endowment fund, the purposes of FOCS and the endowment fund, general economic conditions, the possible effect of inflation or deflation, the expected total return from income and the appreciation of investments, other resources of the institution and the investment policy of the institution.

We have many ways to donate .... With or without recognition, you choose.

In dollars or specific item donation off our WISH LIST. Donations of items are tax deductible. 

Other ways towards an Endowment Fund

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