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To support the rebirth of Camp Silverado, allowing our alumni family access to Camp while partnered with the USFS in returning it to an active high sierra summer camping, hiking, meeting, and learning place.

Guiding the USFS toward making sure Camp remains accessible for the future use of Camp as a place for "scout craft" and outdoor education. Promoting and sharing in a wilderness experience which is unique to this special place on earth.

Failing to achieve its mission, FOCS  BOD will be obligated to refund unused funds back to any non-profit youth organizations that have participated in supporting our mission. No refunds will be provided to individuals, families, or businesses.

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HELP US by finding our Camp Family. We have literally 1000s of Alumni Brothers and Sisters

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We are honored by donations from professional services, material, and tools/equipment. 

                   As well as  through discounts and generous cash donations.                   

Featured Friends of Camp

Ward Hamilton
Emily Baker
Angela Baxter
Barry  Brown
Chris Brown
Sue/Peter Collins
William Dappen
Duane Dappen
Carl Ericson
Marla Ericson
Jeff/Kau  Farmer
Lorraine J Greene
Owen/Madison Hale
Christine Hale
Lester  Hardy
Janet Pagano
Chris Holmes
Dennis J Kelly
Pam McCullagh

Hamilton Nicholson
Chris/Maria Phelps
John/Pam Reybould
Joy Roades
Jim  Sweeney
Vincent Traverso
Kirk Venge
Doug Wight
Dave Wight
Bob/Cindy Mathery
Julie  Spencer
Tom Garrett
George Orriss
DeWitt Garlock
Christine Smith
Joe Medcalf
Mitch Vinciguerra
Phyllis Neely
Debra Budding
David Budd   
"Doc" Robert Darter
Jan Darter
Loren Hollis
Ron Milani
Del Morris
John Pamplin
Paul Saffo
Larry Wallace
Steve Gerth
George Dresnek
Kevin Morris
Curt Semple
Barbara Morrison
Edmund Carolan
Mark Hovermale
David Clark
Dean and Pat Ackerman

                Businesses and Associations

  IOOF Lodge

  •     St Helena

  • Better Deal Exchange #7346

      Home Depots                

  •     Sacramento Store – Truxel  #6649
  •     Sacramento Store – Arden #6966
  •     Sacramento Store – Florin #651
  •     West Sacramento Store #1846
  •     Sacramento Store - Meadow View #1003
  •     Sacramento Store - Power Inn #6620
  •     Carmichael Store #650
  •     Antelope Store #6669
  •     Lincoln Store #8571
  •     Roseville Store #636
  •     Vacaville Store #1043
  •     Napa Store #6652
     Orchard Supply     
  •     Napa


  •     Jackson

     Meeks Lumber     

  •     Jackson

     Tractor Supply     

  •     Jackson


    •   Naval Lodge #87

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    Help us actively look for more of our alumni brothers and sisters.  We need your skills in leadership to participate at a Board Level as well contact one of us, there are opening in an advisory board capacity as well. 

    If you know of a camp alum who is not here (check Directory), please forward them a link to this page and encourage them to join also.   

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